They call me E1.

It's not a tumor.

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Well, the first few pieces are in place.  If all goes well and as planned, I’ll have arrived at my destination by June of next year.

So fucking pumped.

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Do you ever just feel overwhelmed with desperation?  The pressure that starts ever so slightly in the pit of your stomach, then spreads to your chest; lungs pressing out, retracting, out, retracting, faster and faster until your heart tries to keep pace?  That feeling where you love the source, but hate the reality?

I’m feeling that right now.

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Human beings are such knotted, desperate pieces of work- it’s a rare thing to know one completely, to the core, and still love them.
Dean Koontz (via 99lions)

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What is your true age? ⇒


I got 35. No wonder older men vibe with me so much.

46 Years Old

You’re 46 years old! You are smack dab in the middle of your mid-life crisis. You aren’t sure if the decisions you’ve made up to this point were the best ones, and you have no idea what you want for the future. You have the sinking feeling that you’ve made a mistake (or more) in the way you’ve been living your life, so you set out to find whatever it is you’re lacking. Whether that be making an impulse purchase on a motorcycle or deciding to quit your job, you’re ready for something new. Hang in there; your friends and family are there to help you through this difficult time!

10.8% of people that have taken this quiz have achieved this result.

I’m so old.

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